An incinerator is not just for Christmas

Thanks to the enormous advances in incinerator technology over recent years, it has now become recognised as the most environmentally responsible and economically efficient solution for the disposal of waste material. This is especially true when the need is to ensure that potentially hazardous waste is disposed of safely, efficiently and in a sound ecological manner.

The Christmas period of course is always a busy time of the year as it poses major problems for many authorities and industries when traditionally they see a significant spike in the sheer volume of waste that is generated, but as a leading and progressive incinerator company, Matthews Environmental Solutions is also witnessing a steadily increasing demand for specialist incinerator processes, including waste incinerators,human cremation and animal cremation across all areas of the world and spread throughout the entire year.

This is a trend that is undoubtedly set to continue and with increased demand together with more and more highly specialised incineration technology requirements that include improved fuel efficiencies, enhanced emission controls, heat recovery and residue recycling, as a cutting edge incinerator company, Matthews is constantly seeking new ways, new technologies and new initiatives to remain ahead of demand.

Matthews Environmental Solutions would like to thank all customers around the world for their support throughout the past year and would sincerely like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a successful, peaceful and prosperous 2016.