Containerized and Mobile Incinerators AO

Mobile Surefire® incineration systems offer rapid deployment, secure operation and extremely efficient use of space.  They are used at military bases, work camps, livestock facilities, airport authorities, isolated islands and polar bases worldwide. 

Containerized w ram feed 1200pxContainerized

This option incorporates the incineration facility permanently mounted within a standard modified ISO 20’ or 40’ container, enabling the incinerator to be delivered fully assembled for immediate use.

Incinerators pre-installed within an ISO 6346 certified shipping container, provide flexibility as they double up as a suitable method of transportation to ship the incinerator and also provide secure housing once in situ. By comparison, containerising an incinerator into a shipping container is a more viable, cost effective option, to constructing a designated building. This option incorporates the incineration facility permanently fixed within a standard, modified 10’, 20’ or 40’ container, providing additional security and enabling the incinerator to be delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

ISO shipping containers are modified to incorporate fuel and power connections, lighting, ventilation, fire extinguishers etc. Further customisation is available, with the addition of optional features, such as power generation and energy recovery systems to produce hot water or steam or flue gas abatement plant. Further details are available upon request for retrofitting or upgrading.

Skid Mounting

Larger models could benefit from being mounted on to a skid. skid mounted incineratorThis arrangement enables the incinerator and ancillary equipment, such as chimney sections, fuel tanks or generators to be secured onto heavy steel platforms with lifting points for uplifting and relocating. Generally utilised on oil exploration pipelines and work camps, the skid enables the unit to be moved along with the migrating labour force.




Trailer Mounted

To facilitate immediate access to remote locations, such as farms, or disaster areas, the incinerator is constructed together with a generator and fuel tank on to a flat bed trailer.

Trailer Mount 200pxRobustly constructed, durable trailers, built to withstand rigorous continual use are utilised to securely fix our Surefire® incinerators, with a lower throughput. These models are available for the disposal of animal carcasses, general and hospital waste and utilised by shared waste management facilities, remote clinics and hospitals, disaster relief areas and work camps, farms and veterinary research centres, where static waste disposal facilities are not accessible.

The incinerator is fitted, along with a generator and fuel tank on to a flatbed trailer. To speed up start-up preparation time, the incinerator incorporates a hinged chimney to enable it to lie horizontally during transportation.

  • Platform size 4.23m long x 2.25m wide
  • Maximum gross weight 3,500 kg
  • Removable headboard
  • Drop sides and tailboard
  • Loading ramp
  • Additional steelwork to secure the incinerator
  • Testing/ Validation
  • Tarpaulin cover