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Matthews Environmental Solutions is a globally recognized expert in combustion technology, including cremation, incineration and emission control. Our products and services meet the most demanding performance and environmental standards worldwide. With manufacturing facilities on three continents and nearly 5,000 installations worldwide, Matthews Environmental Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with highest quality of products and services in the industry.

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We're proud to be an ISO 9001 Certified Company!   

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World Health Organization

Our incinerators have become the brand of choice for the World Health Organization.

Surefire® is without question one of the most respected names in incineration technology with a world-beating reputation for efficiency, economy and environmental responsibility. The SF25 is the smallest of our fixed hearth incinerators and is perfectly suited to deal with the widest range of waste types boasting a horizontal cylindrical design that also includes the strongest possible refractory construction designed to ensure years of maintenance-free operation plus unbeatable combustion efficiency. The SF25 is also available with a whole catalogue of optional features enabling it to be individually customized to match your specific requirements.


  • Remote Communities
  • Man camps 
  • Workshops
  • Farms
  • Military
  • Hospitals



Model  Burn Rate Chamber Volume Depth  Height  Width Chamber ID Chamber Length Weight
  (kg/hr) (M3)  (mm)  (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
SF25 25 0.5 2270 2065 1600 800 1000 3000 


• Heavy steel shell with 1600°C refractory and high-efficiency calcium silicate insulation
• Full-size interlocked load/ash door
• High-grade refractory lined chimney provides years of maintenance-free operation
• Pressured combustion air penetrates the waste and causes turbulence in the gas stream to ensure efficient destruction of emissions


• Automatic loading
• Mobile – trailer/container/skid
• Fuel storage/delivery system
• Electrical generator
• Secondary combustion zone
• Energy recovery
• Wet scrubber
• Waste oil injection

Matthews Environmental Solutions operates a policy of continual development under which critical dimensions etc may be subject to change.

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