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Due to Hurricane Irma our Florida office will be closed now through Tueday, September 12

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Flexible, efficient solutions for military bases, construction sites, temporary camps and more.

Flexible, efficient solutions for military bases, construction sites, temporary camps and more.

Due to Hurricane Irma our Florida office will be closed now through Tuesday, September 12

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Due to Hurricane Irma our Florida office will be closed now through Tuesday , September 12

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Matthews Environmental Solutions is a globally recognized expert in combustion technology, including cremation, incineration and emission control. Our products and services meet the most demanding performance and environmental standards worldwide. With manufacturing facilities on three continents and nearly 4,000 installations worldwide, Matthews Environmental Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with highest quality of products and services in the industry.

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Muchas casas funerarias y operadores crematorios poseen graves problemas para diferenciarse en un mercado repleto, y se enfrentan a crecientes presiones sobre los márgenes de facturación y ganancia. Los Servicios de Cremación EarthSmart™ de Matthews ofrecen una nueva solución para ayudar a las empresas a diferenciarse entre sí y lograr que compitan de un modo más efectivo. El programa asiste a las compañías de cremación para que ofrezcan un nuevo nivel de opciones a las familias. También genera nuevas oportunidades para mejorar los resultados al ofrecer servicios excepcionales a los consumidores que encuentren atractivos.

    Matthews   EarthSmart Cremation™
  Cremación Básica Eco-Cremation™ Bio-Cremation™
Tecnología Central En base a llamas En base a llamas con sistema de filtrado avanzado Sin llamas (Hidrólisis Alcalina)
Control System Matthews M-pyre® full automatic Matthews M-pyre® full automatic Matthews M-pyre® full automatic
Air Emissions Standard 97% lower
  than standard units
99% eliminated
compared to flame-based cremation
Energy Usage/
  Carbon “footprint”
Standard Standard 76%   lower
  than flame-based cremation
Price point Basic Enhanced Premium


This exciting new program features the our most environmentally advanced cremation technology. Flame-based cremations will be performed using a Matthews Eco Cremation™ unit, which uses sophisticated filtration systems to dramatically reduce air emissions under even the most demanding conditions.
The new program also features a new Matthews second-generation Bio-Cremation® unit, which uses the flameless Alkaline Hydrolysis process that almost entirely eliminates air emissions. This completely redesigned Alkaline Hydrolysis unit cuts energy consumption and greenhouse gas by up to 75%, compared to traditional cremation.


  • EarthSmart Bio Cremation™

    bio2Bio Cremation™ is an advanced cremation technology that uses 95% water and 5% catalyst combined with pressure and heat to complete the cremation.  It's based on a chemical process called "Alkaline Hydrolysis" that has significantly lower emissions and energy requirements The Human body is placed into a specially designed cremation system where water and alkali are added, heated and gently circulated with the body, initiating the cremation process. What makes this process so environmentally friendly and even greener than flame based cremation is that there are almost zero air emissions (particulates, greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, mercury, etc.) released into the atmosphere. The remaining liquid from Bio Cremation™ is sent to water recycling where it is filtered, purified and recycled back to the earth through the aquifers, lakes, streams and non-potable water use. In essence, our body is “recycled” without harm to the environment.

    Learn about the Matthews Bio2 Bio Cremation System


  • EarthSmart EcoCremation™

    The Eco Cremation system pairs a state-of-the-art Matthews Plus Series cremator with an innovative filtration system that removes approximately 97% of the pollutants from the gas before it leaves the crematory stack.  The filtration system is patterned after the systems that Matthews has installed at European crematories today.  Facing tough emissions standards from the European Union, those crematories are legally required to install large Emission Abatement systems.  Matthews is adapting those european-style filter systems to make them smaller, easier to use and more cost-effective.  The resulting system is the first of its kind in the U.S.