Tipos de Incineradores

Ofrecemos una gama de incineradores adecuados para, virtualmente, todo tipo de desecho, además de diseños a medida para solicitudes especiales. Seleccione una de las categorías que se encuentran debajo para más detalles.

Incineradores de Horno Fijo

Diseños simples y confiables para el manejo eficiente de desechos generales, médicos o patológicos.

Incineradores de Horno Caliente

Los diseños de hornos calientes son una solución ideal para controlar fluidos al eliminar cadáveres de animales.

Modelos de Hornos Escalonados

Los diseños de hornos calientes son una solución ideal para controlar fluidos al eliminar cadáveres de animales.

Incineradores Rotativos

Especialmente diseñada para su operación continua con todo tipo de desechos durante las 24 horas del día.

Incineradores Autónomos y Móviles

Los sistemas de incineración móvil Surefire® son utilizados en bases militares, campamentos laborales, autoridades aeroportuarias, islas aisladas y bases polares en todo el mundo.


Hot Hearth Incinerators

Eliminate the problem of rendered fats and liquids

No matter how efficient the incinerator is - if the wastes contain a high volume of liquids or fats then it can create two critical problems.

AFirstly, residue from the wastes can build-up over time to produce a hard-to-remove barrier of solidified fat and grease. As a consequence this can greatly reduce incinerator efficiency.

Secondly, in some instances it is possible for liquid fats and grease to leak out of the combustion chamber. If this happens it can lead to contamination of the area and create serious health and safety issues.

At Matthews Environmental Solutions we have effectively overcome these challenges. Our hot hearth incinerators feature a high temperature heated floor to the primary chamber where the main incineration process takes place.

This process involves carefully managed heat from two or more burners that are positioned to ensure efficient coverage of the entire floor of the chamber. This high temperature, aided by the introduction of high pressure, high velocity air to strategic areas of the fire bed will then effectively vaporize the troublesome fats and liquids. The result is efficient combustion of even the wettest of wastes and the prevention of future related problems.

This problem is particularly relevant to the incineration of animal carcasses as well as a number of medical, laboratory, industrial and food waste disposal processes. Thanks to our hot hearth technology we have effectively eliminated the concerns and have ensured that this has now become a problem of the past.

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