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Law Enforcement agencies are charged with destroying seized contraband, often including illicit drugs and paraphernalia.  Incinerators are one of the primary tools used to maintain safe and controlled destruction of illicit contraband, in order to ensure that the potentially harmful chemicals are completely destroyed, without the concern of potential emissions. Locating an incinerator on-site also avoide the risks inherent in transporting contraband outside of the secure facility.

A Full Range of Solutions

Incinerator types and sizes can be easily tailored to the needs of each jurisdiction.  Our available incinerators cover a full range, from highly compact models that can be sited almost anywhere, to large, high-capacity automatic-loading units that can meet the demands of even the largest jurisdictions. Our line also includes mobile and containerized incinerators that can be moved from site to site, elminating the security and environmental risks of transporting contraband through populous areas. 


Complete Environmental Compliance

All Matthews incinerators are designed to meet the most demanding environmental and safety standards worldwide. Emission control systems are tailored to the requirements of your local jurisdiction, up to and including full compliance with the stringent requirements  of the European Waste Incineration Directive (WID). 

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  • Highly Mobile

    Highly Mobile

    This trailer-mounted compact incinerator can easily be moved to individual storage sites to reduce risks associated with transporting the contraband.
  • Rápido, Simple Despliegue

    Rápido, Simple Despliegue

    Los incineradores de contenedores son compactos y fáciles de desplegar en casi cualquier lugar con una preparación mínima del sitio.
  • Completamente Autosuficiente

    Alojar la unidad enteramente dentro de un contenedor especialmente adaptado para envíos de 20 puede eliminar la necesidad de instalaciones exclusivas.
  • Fácil de Asegurar y Proteger

    Montar el incinerador enteramente dentro de un contenedor facilita la creación de un ambiente operativo seguro para el equipamiento.
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