Basic Operator Certification

With more government agencies requiring operator training, our basic operator certification course will give you the certification you need. Learn from the most experienced people in the industry and heighten your knowledge and awareness as a cremator operator. Our certification is open to all attendees wishing to expand their knowledge of the industry and the operation of their equipment. This course focuses the skills and knowledge needed in performing all of the duties associated with the cremation process.

Course Overview:

  •   Overview of the cremation plant
  •   Cremator system components: features, operation and logic
  •   Facility management and process control
  •   Ash treatment
  •   Respect for the environment and safety of operators, use of the PPE (Personal Protective    Equipment)
  •   Specific risks related to the cremation process
  •   Typical abnormal situations and solutions
  •   Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, anomalies, interventions
  •   Waste from the operation of crematory systems: classification, storage, disposal
  •   Overview of the pages on HMI control panel (for Gem installations)
  •   Explanation of the main process parameters, manual and automatic management of the cremation
  •   Cremation programs: how to choose them and differences (for Gem installations)
  •   Automatic startup program for preheating (for Gem installations)
  •   Trend section (for Gem installations)
  •   Anagraphic section (for Gem installations)
  •   Checklist of controls to be done before starting the plant

Course Requirements:

  • Course Pre-requisite: High school Degree
  • Duration: 16 hours of theoretical education
  • Minimum participant number: 4 students
  • The training course can be arranged by Gem factory in Udine (Italy) or by the Customer

D At the and of the sixteen hours of theoretical education all the attendees will be asked to take the assessment test in order to verify the learning level. After that Gem will release the Certificate of attendance

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