Advanced Training for Crematory Managers

This course focuses the skills and knowledge needed in managing a crematory, specifically the administrative, technical and bureaucratic matters of the facility.

Course Overview:

  •  Rules regulating the cremation process
  •  Comparison on all the European laws & regulations regarding emissions
  •  Management of the cremation plant
  •  Respect of the environment and related activities
  •  Regulations regarding safety and operator hygiene
  •  Professional ethics
  •  Supervision of the cremation process with the purpose to detect any troubles ahead of time respecting any sfety and environmental rules

Course Requirements:

  • Course Pre-requisite: High school Degree
  • Duration: 16 hours of theoretical education
  • Minimum participant number: 4 students
  •  The training course can be arranged by Gem factory in Udine (Italy) or by the Customer

At the and of the sixteen hours of theoretical education all the attendees will be asked to take the assessment test in order to verify the learning level. After that Gem will release the Certificate of attendance.