Taking the next step on their career path

It is just over six months ago since we announced that we had recruited three new apprentices. That was part of our vision for the future in which we pledged to take on and coach youngsters to ensure they gained the crucial engineering skills they would require to enjoy a successful career within our modern and innovative company.

Now, after their initial six-month college-based induction period that was provided by the highly respected Stockport Engineering Training Association, during which time they became familiar with the necessary groundwork knowledge and the basic engineering skills needed to embark on their chosen career path, the apprentices: Josh Patterson, Tom Bailey and Charlie Hyde have re-located to our factory headquarters to continue their training with hands-on experience.

Two of the young apprentices are determined to become qualified service engineers and for the next few months they will be shadowing our craftsman service engineers. Our other apprentice has ambitions to become a skilled design engineer.

For our two service engineer apprentices their workshop training will involve working closely with senior engineers who will pass on their own skills, knowledge, experience and no doubt a few ‘tricks of the trade’. They will be closely involved in all aspects of our incinerator company engineering processes and will be working on the very latest SurefireWaste Incinerators, Novus Human Cremators and Animal Cremators. Their training will involve them working within our manufacturing and fabrication workshops and will also include assembling all types of equipment and plant so that they gain a thorough all-round knowledge of our product range. Also as part of their training programme they will be required to go out with their mentors to help install, service and maintain Matthews incineration and cremation plant at our customers’ premises across the country.

Our young would-be design engineer will also be mentored by highly experienced technicians and he will be working primarily under the guidance of our design team in our Technical Engineers’ office. Here he will receive the training needed to become a qualified CAD/CAM designer with specialist skills in 3D presentation design.

We wish all three of our young apprentices the very best over the next phase of their training and we are sure that all of them will eventually fulfill their ambitions.

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