Low-Capacity Animal Incinerator for Processing Plant


R.D. Johns, Ltd., (formerly Milber Meats), a family-run butcher and meat processor in the UK


This meat processing plant produced hundreds of kilograms per day of animal remains, and specifically requested a low-volume processing plant. The commissioned project was for an incinerator with a capacity of 800 kg/ day designed to comply with the stringent environmental requirements of the European Animal By-products Regulation 1069/2009


Matthews designed, built, and installed a low capacity incineration plant capable of processing up to 800 kg/day of animal waste.

Designed to operate 8-10 hrs/day, the installation also included an automatic bin tipping machine, for easy and efficient top loading. Allowing operators to use wheeled bins to load the bin tipper.

The process reduces the mass of the waste by 95-96% and leaves a white, calcined ash containing less than 3% carbon

Finally the products of combustion are heated above 850 degrees centigrade and held for 2 seconds within the secondary chamber before being discharged to the atmosphere.




  • Static hearth incinerator with a capacity of 800kg/day
  • Automatic bin tipping machine
  • Automated combustion air system
  • Custom vertical secondary chamber
  • Oil fired ignition burner
  • Flue gas continuous monitoring system
  • Set of hot gas transfer duct
  • Compressed air system
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems
  • Remotely monitored control systems
  • Exhaust chimney
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Emission testing

The installation included all the combustion air ductwork, gas pipework, hydraulic pipework, pneumatic pipework, steam pipework and water pipework


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