Pet Cremator Signals New Era

Next week a very well established and highly respected pet crematorium in Lincolnshire, UK, will be taking delivery of a brand new high-specification Surefire IEB 16 pet cremator from Matthews Environmental Solutions. The installation is set to become a key element within their modernisation programme and will represent a significant moment as part of the crematorium’s future plans and ambitions.
As one of the leading pet cremator manufacturers, Matthews have developed the Surefire IEB 16 as part of what is a comprehensive range of Surefire IEB pet cremators that are designed to satisfy a broad spread of requirements from small pets up to large animals. The Surefire IEB 16 is built to accept the coffined remains of all sizes of pets up to large dogs and with its strikingly aesthetic stainless steel frontage, digital control panel and advanced cremation qualities it has taken the concept of pet cremators from the now dated ‘industrial incinerator’ technology to a science and style that is far more compatible with modern human cremation efficiencies.
As with all pet cremators manufactured by Matthews the new Surefire IEB 16 matches the most stringent UK animal cremation standards and regulations with a large secondary combustion chamber designed to ensure the complete destruction of fumes and odours prior to the emission of clean, neutralised waste to the atmosphere.
Perhaps even more significant for pet crematorium operators are the impressively high standards of productivity and fuel economies that come thanks to the advanced multi-insulation thermal efficiencies within the combustion chamber together with the high-efficiency hot hearth specification that is designed for fast cremation times along with effective fuel and cost-saving energy recovery technology.

The new installation, which will also include effortless trolley loading, is designed to ensure that every client is guaranteed to receive the individual ashes from their precious and beloved pet.

Like many pet cremator manufacturers Matthews are now finding that within what is an expanding market, their Surefire IEB range of pet cremators is becoming the ‘must have’ technology for go-ahead pet crematoriums, not only within the UK but also across many mainland European countries, including Belgium and the Netherlands.

If you would like to know more about the Matthews Environmental Surefire IEB pet cremator range, please do not hesitate to call us on 0161 337 4488 or you can send us a message using the form on our Contact Us page and we will get straight back to you.

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